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$75,000 STEM grant from Bosch to fund multiple projects at all 10 SSD schools


The Sunnyvale School District and Sunnyvale Education Foundation would like to once again thank former Lakewood parent and Bosch Corporate Social Responsibility officer for Silicon Valley, Mary Dakin, for connecting the Bosch Community Fund with the Sunnyvale Education Foundation (SEF). On April 4, 2018, the fund awarded $75,000 in grants to SEF.

The donation was made in support of STEM education programs for elementary and middle schools within the Sunnyvale School District. Schools will utilize the funds in the following ways in which they have chosen:


  • An after-school robotics class for third-fifth graders
  • An after-school advanced math class for fourth and fifth graders
  • Two mobile media systems for iPads, plus accessories including a tripod, microphones and additional lenses
  • Build a selection of STEM books in the library

Cherry Chase

  • Breakout EDU, an immersive learning games platform, enables teachers to turn a classroom into an academically-focused escape room
  • Bee-Bots (tiny robots that teach younger students counting, sequencing, estimation, and problem-solving in fun, engaging and active ways)
  • Makey Makey invention kits that turn everyday objects into touchpads that can work with the internet
  • Cubelets Robot Blocks for use by students to create robots and gain hands-on experience with designing, engineering, computational thinking and creative problem solving


  • Little Bits Pro Library Wall Kit designed so students can build thousands of inventions from the simplest to the most advanced, bringing together STEAM, music, and logic (to be housed in the school’s newly established Makerspace)


  • Hands-on science materials for the classroom
  • Expand the 11-week Math Olympics program to include more grades


  • Purchase 12 Chromebook devices to support STEM education, allowing students to connect with maker kits the school already possesses


  • Membership in the Silicon Valley Math Initiative professional development group
  • Attendance to Math Network all day meetings for professional development of math coaches, and the cost of substitute teachers for coverage in the classroom
  • An after school class, with priority students from underrepresented groups for advanced math
  • A PadCaster, which includes a tripod, various microphones, lenses, and supplies for tech room expansion
  • STEM books for the library

San Miguel

  • An after school class with priority for students from underrepresented groups for advanced math
  • Attendance at a Stanford Summit for principal and two instructional coaches or teacher leaders with the aim of improving math instruction on campus
  • Attendance at a Stanford workshop for two teacher leaders with the aim of improving math instruction on campus


  • Products for creating a Makerspace and filling it with activities that target various grade levels and skills, including robot kits, KEVA planks, 3D printers, Bee-Bots, WeDo and Spearo


  • Add another Makerbot 3D printer to the Makerspace to allow for more production, plus materials (filament)
  • 12 VEX Robotic kits for the advanced robotics class
  • Bus and admission costs to Marine Science Institute, Bay Area Discovery Museum, Computer History Museum and other field trips


  • Purchase Adobe Creative Suite, allowing students to expand their knowledge of design production by producing high quality work that connects to high school CTE strands
  • Expand the Science Bowl quiz library to better prepare students for the science competition
  • Historical miniatures for designing and building of figures, planes, ships and more from historical battles, recreating battles in a game format, combining design engineering and history

The Bosch Community Fund awards grants to 501(c)(3) organizations and educational institutions, focusing primarily on STEM education, environmental sustainability and eco+STEM. In 2016 the Bosch Community Fund made 177 grants to nonprofits totaling more than $3.8 million and more than $13.8 million since 2012. It now operates in 33 Bosch location communities in 15 states.

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