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About Sunnyvale School District (SSD)

The Sunnyvale School District is located in the heart of Silicon Valley where it serves its community through one preschool program, 8 Elementary Schools, and 2 Middle Schools, each providing a culture of high expectations, rigorous academics, and support designed to promote the social-emotional well-being of all students.  Enriched by thousands of hours of dedicated service and funds contributed through our community, corporate and university partnerships, our award-winning schools offer rich educational choices such as science-focused or project-based learning models, a leadership program, a technology and social smarts program, a Spanish Dual-Immersion program, and a parent participation program.  Sunnyvale School District schools have gained recognition as National Blue Ribbon, State Gold Ribbon, and California Distinguished Schools.

ADA – 5700 students for the 2023-2024 school year

Sunnyvale School District Schools include:

  • Bishop Elementary School: Ms. Tara Lubrano, Principal; Mr. Rob Felicano, Assistant Principal
  • Cherry Chase Elementary School: Ms. Gloria Marchant, Principal; Ms. Kristin Brett, Assistant Principal
  • Cumberland Elementary School: Ms. Laurie Carlson, Principal; Ms. Lindsay Jacobson, Assistant Principal
  • Ellis Elementary School: Mrs. Stephanie Fischer, Principal; Ms. Lara Burenin, Assistant Principal
  • Fairwood Explorer School: Ms. Rachelle Romander, Principal; Ms. Shana Riehl, Assistant Principal
  • Lakewood Elementary School: Mrs. Carly Sturm, Principal; Mr. Gerson Sandoval, Assistant Principal
  • San Miguel Elementary School: Mr. Esteban Ybarra, Principal; Ms. Nicole Fiala, Assistant Principal
  • Vargas Elementary School: Mrs. Kathryn Armstrong, Principal; Mr. Rigoberto Gomez, Assistant Principal
  • Columbia Middle School: Mr. Daniel Poo, Principal; Mr. Jamie Bradley, Assistant Principal; Ms. Victoria Tarumoto, Assistant Principals
  • Sunnyvale Middle School: Mr. Vince Iwasaki, Principal; Ms. Angela Guzmán; Mr. Giovanni Bui; Ms. Stephanie Malcolm, Assistant Principals
  • District Preschools: Ms. Stacy Esquibel, Manager

Key District Office Administrators include:

Superintendent: Michael Gallagher, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources and Information Systems: Jeremy Nishihara

Chief Teaching and Learning Officer: Tasha Dean, Ed.D.

Chief Business Officer: Lori van Gogh

Communications Coordinator: Alia Wilson

For more information, please visit the SSD website: