About the District Digest

The DISTRICT DIGEST is an online newsletter produced and distributed by the Sunnyvale School District (SSD). In general, the DISTRICT DIGEST covers programs, happenings and issues affecting our neighborhood schools, the district, and public education. Articles are posted frequently and a condensed, “digest” version is emailed quarterly to subscribers. Please click the SUBSCRIBE button above and follow the directions to subscribe to the DISTRICT DIGEST.

The purpose of the DISTRICT DIGEST is to provide information to parents and Sunnyvale residents on what is happening in our local schools. Sunnyvale School District believes  positive home/school relations are critical to the support and success of our schools. It is our hope that improved communications with the community will further strengthen that relationship.

Sunnyvale School District includes the following schools:

  • Bishop Elementary
  • Cherry Chase Elementary
  • Columbia Middle School
  • Cumberland Elementary
  • Ellis Elementary
  • Fairwood Explorer School
  • Lakewood Elementary
  • San Miguel Elementary
  • Sunnyvale Middle School
  • Vargas Elementary