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Bishop Elementary second/third graders explore play-based math at Math Festival


Second and third-grade Bishop Bobcats got an all-day Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival in January.  The nonprofit’s mission is to inspire joy with math. Students were able to explore five play-based math activities during the festival:

  1. Apple Picking –
  2. Domino Dissection –
  3. Pentominoes –
  4. Jumping Julia –
  5. Frogs and Toads –

The classes got to move around with Jumping Julia (standing math puzzles) and use cool Tetris-like jigsaw pieces with Pentominoes. They got to use toy frogs with fun steps and instructions for Frogs and Toads.

“The math festival brought lots of new as well as familiar math materials for our classes to utilize in creative ways. The emphasis was on being very hands-on and seeing math in everyday thinking and actions,” said second-grade teacher MG Bertrand. “I thought that everyone involved had a really good time.”

Article by Bishop teacher MG Bertrand.

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Bishop Teachers and admin are the best.
They always make things Hard So easy for kids to understand and they always think and come up with new and. Bright ideas that kids will enjoy and at the same time LEARNING. admin, school staff and teachers are very Approachable, you can always talk to them or ask them for help with regards to your kids.very Family oriented environment.

Peggy Shen Brewster

I completely agree, Myrna Rosa! It’s a great community. Looking forward to building it even stronger and more inclusive with you and other parents.

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