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Board of Education Updates

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The following is a summary of actions taken by the Sunnyvale School District Board at the December, January and February meetings.

December 7:

  • Approved the 2016-2017 Financial Audit Report, Measure B Parcel Tax Report, and Measure G Bond Audit and Procedures. No exceptions were found, and all reports are clean.
  • Approved the Development Impact Fee Annual Report. Developer fees are fees that are paid by property owners and developers to school districts to mitigate the impact created by new development within a school district’s boundaries on the school facilities. We use developer fee revenues to ensure that we have adequate facilities to accommodate students within our District boundaries. During 2016-2017, Sunnyvale School District spent $665,558 on classroom furnishings and equipment, project advertising, portable classroom fees, and school facility planning fees.
  • Approved the Fiscal Solvency Report – First Interim. Public school districts are required by the State to certify, twice each year, the ability to meet their financial obligations for the remainder of the fiscal year and two subsequent years. SSD continues to maintain its fiscal and financial health.
  • Elected the following officers for 2018:
    • Board President: Reid Myers
    • Board Vice President: Michelle Maginot
    • Board Clerk: Nancy Newkirk
    • Secretary to the Board: Benjamin Picard
    • Representative to the Santa Clara County School Boards Association: Reid Myers, Nancy Newkirk (alternate).
    • Representative to the Santa Clara County Committee on School District Organization: Jeffrey Arnett
    • Representative to the District’s Wellness Committee: Anita Herrmann
    • Representatives of the District’s Facilities and Finance Committee: Anita Herrmann, Michelle Maginot
    • City Council/School Board Meeting: Reid Myers, Nancy Newkirk

January 11:

  • Approved comprehensive school site safety plans. School Site Councils at each district school shall write and develop a comprehensive school safety plan relevant to the needs and resources of that particular school. Each school site shall review and update its safety plan annually and then submit the plan to the board for approval.
  • Approved the 2016-2017 school accountability report cards. As mandated by Proposition 98, all public schools in California are required to prepare and disseminate information annually through a School Accountability Report Card. They are published for the previous school year so that all school data can be reported.

January 18 (Special Board Development Meeting):

  • The board discussed the Governance Calendar, board self-evaluation survey, and their goals, roles, and responsibilities for the year.

January 30 (Special Board Meeting):

  • Approved preliminary offer to Spark Charter School’s 2018-2019 Proposition 39 application and draft facilities use agreement.

February 1:

  • Approved a resolution calling for full and fair funding of California’s public schools. California has the world’s sixth-largest economy and the highest gross domestic product of any state, yet it ranks near the bottom nationally in funding for public schools, a status that threatens the prosperity of the state and the strength of its communities. This resolution urges the State Legislature to fund California’s public schools at the national average or higher by the year 2020, and at a level equal to or above the average of the top 10 states by 2025.
  • Approved to retain Campaign Consultant Connell Lindh to assist with a feasibility study of placing a general obligation bond measure on the ballot at an upcoming general election.

February 15 (Special Board Meeting):

  • The board discussed the Lakewood Brank Library and Learning Center report of findings from the feasibility study, budgetary interests, and board self-evaluation results.

The next Board of Education meetings are March 8 and 22.

Board of Education meetings are generally scheduled at 6:30 p.m. on the first and third Thursday of the month at the Sunnyvale School District Administrative Office, 819 West Iowa Avenue, Sunnyvale.

The Board of Education is the elected governing body of the SSD. Its five members serve four-year terms and are elected by Sunnyvale residents. Learn more about the members, and view their meeting schedule, agendas, and minutes at

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