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Cherry Chase: ‘Fun Patrol’

The "Fun Patrol" at Cherry Chase

At Cherry Chase School, the “Fun Patrol” is a student-lead, and student-driven group whose members come up with ways to help Cherry Chase students feel they are not alone at school. The Fun Patrol students are trained by representatives from Project Cornerstone. Last year, a diverse group of third grade students was selected to participate. Three students from each third grade class attended meetings and workshops lead by Project Cornerstone.  A representative from Project Cornerstone also assists an on-site teacher and parent volunteer to facilitate the program.

Each member of the Cherry Chase Fun Patrol will be wears a bright yellow lanyard with a name tag so other students can easily identify them.  If a student is looking for something to do, or has no one to play with, they can go to a member of the Fun Patrol.  This school year Cherry Chase has created an area on campus called the “Fun Patrol Zone”, which will have activities run by the Fun Patrol. A Noon Adult Aide will be assigned to the zone to be available as needed.

News brief by Nina Wong-Dobkin, with assistance from Barb Haering, Cherry Chase

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