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Cherry Chase: After-school French, Hindi, and Spanish


The after-school foreign language program at Cherry Chase started in 2009, largely as a result of the dedication and hard work of parent volunteer, Aude Phay.  With the help of other PTA parent volunteers and the support of Cherry Chase staff, these language classes are going strong at Cherry Chase, serving over 150 students, with French, Spanish, and Hindi classes.

For more information please visit:

News brief by Nina Wong-Dobkin, with assistance from Barb Haering, Cherry Chase

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The link above does not work in “Cherry Chase: After-school French, Hindi, and Spanish”

Hi Vijay,
I just tested it and it works. Do you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed? The link goes to a PDF file (it also can take a few minutes to load). If you can’t get to it by clicking the link, please cut and paste the link into a new browser window. Thank you.

Vijay is correct. The URL doesn’t work because it is pointing to (noticed the prefix?)

I’m not sure how you are able to make it work from your perspective but try clicking it from an external source (PC at home or something)… and you’ll see what we are seeing.

John, I think it fixed it now (deleted the prefix). Thanks!

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