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Cumberland Cougars explore the arts and sciences

These are the finished products from Gretchen Gabriel’s fifth-grade class’s FAME presentation on Feb. 10 featuring the art of Georgia O’Keeffe. The students used watercolors, tissue paper, construction paper, and oil pastels modeled after the famous red poppies of O’Keeffe.

FAME (Fine Arts Mini Experience) is a six-year art and music program funded by the Cumberland PTA to enrich the Fine Arts experience in the classroom setting. Volunteer docents normally lead 6 in-class presentations per year, consisting of a short introduction to a composer and an artist with a hands-on art project related to the style of the artist. For more information on the FAME program, or to volunteer as a docent, contact and include your teacher’s name.




Got worms? In learning more about ecosystems, Cumberland fifth graders also conducted Mystery Science observations and experiments with earthworms on Jan. 27! We observed if worms prefer damp or dry areas, dark or light places, and made some great scientific drawings along the way.







Cumberland fifth-graders explored food webs on Jan. 25th. We answered the questions “What does it eat?” and “What eats it?” These answers helped us make prehistoric food webs and build on our theories as to what caused the dinosaurs to become extinct.

Articles submitted by Gretchen Gabriel, 5th Grade, Cumberland

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