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Cumberland kindergartners explore the world of transportation

kids working on transportation words

transportation vocabulary board kindergarteners working together at their desk

In kindergarten at Cumberland, we are learning all about transportation!  We learned that transportation is a way to get from place to place and that vehicles take people or things from place to place.  We made lists of different types of vehicles and organized them based on if they travel on the land, through the air, or in the water.  We have shared how we travel around our town and the different ways that we can travel on a trip.  We have sung songs, read books, and created projects all about transportation.  Our focus alphabet letters and sounds are Tt and Ii, and the sight words are “see” and “go.”

Sight words are words that should be memorized to help a child learn to read and write. Learning sight words allow a child to recognize these words at a glance — on sight — without needing to break the words down into their individual letters and is the way strong readers recognize most words. Knowing common, or high frequency, words by sight makes reading easier and faster, because the reader does not need to stop to try and sound out each individual word, letter by letter.

Article was written by Michelle Steakley.

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