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Cumberland “snowball fight” sparks first grader reading frenzy

first grade throw crumpled paper in "snowball fight"

On Feb. 15, two Cumberland first grade classes had a snowball fight.  You read that correctly, a snowball fight! For each book they read over the span of four weeks, the students wrote the title on a piece of white paper, which they would crumple up to make a “snowball.”  On the 15th, they got to throw the “snowballs” at each other, in the multi-purpose room. What a fun way to promote reading! Students were also able to count a chapter in a chapter book as one snowball. Some students amassed 60 snowballs. The two classes read the equivalent of more than 800 snowballs! Everyone had fun tossing the snowballs in the air and gently at each other while enjoying music, occasionally having to freeze in place when the music stopped before getting to continue when it started playing again.

“Students were always very excited to ask for more ‘snowballs’ each week to fill out, and a parent commented about how motivating it was for her daughter to get excited about reading every day,” said first-grade teacher Mrs. Leah Brunnings about the experience.

Article written by Cumberland Library Resource Specialist Lisa Atkins and District Communications Coordinator Alia Wilson.

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