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Ellis Construction Update

The Ellis Elementary School Modernization Project is underway! We successfully welcomed staff, students, and their parents back on campus for the first day of school all while having ongoing construction onsite! Doing so required a very busy summer and the progress on-site is continuing to move along nicely.

Over the summer we completed the installation of nine temporary classrooms, which are situated out across the blacktop. These temporary classrooms will house the staff and students from the rooms that are currently being demolished as part of phase I of this project. The contractor has already successfully taken down one entire classroom wing and as of August 26th started in on the second classroom wing. The two remaining portables in this phase, which are located at the corner of Central and Olive, will be taken down shortly thereafter.

After this phase of demolition is complete we will move right into the first phase of construction, which will encompass the new 2-story classroom building as well as the modernization of the administration and classrooms 11-15.

For updates on construction projects districtwide, go to our Bond Program page at

Thank you to our Sunnyvale community members who continue to support our construction efforts by passing Bonds like Measure G, which make projects like this one possible.

Ellis school building demolition


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