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Ellis third graders conduct mock city council meeting

Ellis third graders took over city council chambers

Ellis third graders take on the roles of council membersThird graders at Ellis were able to experience what it would be like to be on a city council in October. For the second year in aEllis third graders speak at mock council meeting row, the third grade team took their classes to City Hall to wrap up their Government Unit. While at City Hall on Oct. 27th, two City Council Members brought students to the Council Chambers where City Council meetings are held. Students asked questions of the city council members and then participated in a mock city council meeting.

To start, 6-7 students gave brief speeches about how they would be a great mayor then the classes elected a mayor to represent them. Next, the classes elected the remainder of the city council members. The classes or “community” were then given a chance to speak to their newly elected council members. The topic was whether or not there should be homework. Volunteer community members approached the stand to share their opinions.  After hearing from the “community”, the elected board members met and then made a final decision on the matter.

It was great for all students to experience what happens at the local level of government!

This article was written by Taylor Shoemaker, a third-grade teacher at Ellis. 

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