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Kids Rise to the Challenge with Kitchen Creations


Something good’s always cooking at the Sunnyvale School District, and never as literally as this past March when SSD students joined international food company Sodexo’s National Future Chef’s Challenge. 

Our District’s children joined with hundreds of other students from across the nation to take part in the contest. As they chose their recipes and prepared their entries they learned about nutrition, food quality, and presentation, and built their kitchen science and math understanding, all while developing culinary skills.

Students from more than 200 school districts participated in the challenge. Dishes were evaluated on a range of characteristics, from kid-friendliness and originality to ease of preparation and plate presentation. Seven of our students were selected as contest finalists for their signature dishes: 

  • Bo Schmeizer, Cumberland Elementary: Slow Roast Harrisa Carrots
  • Emma Mora, Vargas Elementary: Grandma’s Carrot Salad
  • Garuansh Singh, Ellis Elementary: Paneer Tikka
  • Jack Kaapchke, Lakewood Elementary: Fruit Biscuits
  • Sophia Holson, Cherry Chase Elementary: Sophia’s Super Special Spring Roles
  • Tyler Thomas, San Miguel Elementary: Pizza Bites

To learn more about Sodexo’s National Future Chef’s Challenge, visit

Article by Lighthouse Blue Communications Consultant Theresa Wilson.

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Hi Tyler Thomas is from San Miguel, could we add a link to his school? He left early after making his pizza bites to be Iago in his school Aladdin Musical. He is 9. He worked hard. I hope he can be equally represented as is his amazing school.

Thank you

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