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Lakewood Elementary community volunteer donates laptops and time to students


Pavan Lanka and Principal Pam Cheng start opening computer boxes for parentsA generous Lakewood volunteer has decided to donate laptops to a few select students and families who would benefit most from access to computer technology at home. Six families received a laptop, gift receipt, and took a survey of their needs for getting started at home in November.

When parents asked why they were chosen, Principal Pam Chang said, “Students and families were selected based on academic effort, interest in technology, and home support for learning.”

“We chose the families that would benefit the most, that would support their children with using the technology at home,” Computer donor, Pavan Lanka, helps parents set up their brand new computersChang told the parents. “Teachers gave us the names of students and families they felt fit that description and we looked at overlaps with siblings so we could have a bigger impact.”

A total of fourteen children will benefit from this donation.

In addition, the donor, Mr. Pavan Lanka, will be hosting monthly, voluntary trouble-shooting workshops for parents receiving the laptops to help make the most of the technology at home for the students selected.

Parents were thrilled to receive the laptopsLanka originally connected with Lakewood as a volunteer with Reading Partners, reading with children to help improve their literacy skills. As a computer engineer, he was quickly recruited by the technology and social intelligence school as a coding instructor during the school day. As he grew to know the school and the students, he and his wife decided they wanted to do more by connecting families with the power of technology at home.

“We decided we wanted to donate computers because a computer lets you do so many things,” Lanka said. “A computer opens a wonderful world that lets you do a whole bunch of different things, whether it is looking for information or learning new things or preparing yourself for the current demands that day-to-day life has.”

Lakewood Tech EQ is honored and humbled by their desire to “Pay it Forward” in our community!

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