Letter from the Superintendent: Measure G


Dear Friends,

We did it! Thanks to the voters of Sunnyvale for showing overwhelming support for Measure G – the $96 million school bond measure to continue rebuilding Sunnyvale School District. Measure G passed with 68% of voters supporting the measure. Sunnyvale has a long proven track record of supporting the youth of our community and this strong support once again demonstrates a commitment to our students, our schools, and the future of Sunnyvale School District.

The bond proceeds will provide funding for technology improvements, providing comparable classrooms for all students and increasing energy efficiency efforts throughout Sunnyvale School District. Specifically, the financing plan has three distinct elements:

1. $40.5 million to fund new construction and major modernization at Bishop, Cherry Chase, and Ellis elementary schools and Sunnyvale Middle School over the next three or four years
2. $7.5 million to fund improvements to the District’s technology infrastructure, and ongoing technology purchases
3. $48 million for ongoing facilities maintenance and repair and to fund emerging needs over the next fifteen or more years.

Of course adjustments to the program described may need to made, but the District will be respectful of the commitments made to our community and will spend the money wisely to support improvements to the learning environment for our students in their classrooms and schools and by providing them access to educational content delivered electronically.

The City of Sunnyvale is prospering and growing and it is exciting and reassuring that Sunnyvale School District now has the resources to respond to that prosperity and growth.

Warm regards,

Benjamin H. Picard, Ed. D.
Superintendent of Schools

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