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My Name, My Identity

To continue our efforts to create an affirming and respectful school environment for all students, the Sunnyvale School District continues to implement the “My Name, My Identity” initiative. The campaign reflects the District’s dedication to empowering all students in our classroom, and valuing their cultures, languages, and identities; the first step is to validate and respect student names, including the proper pronunciation and unique stories behind each name.

This allows students to learn about the diversity in their classroom and take pride in the languages, cultures, and traditions that make them each unique, all while building trusting relationships that empower students to be more engaged in learning. Activities and lessons like “My Name, My Identity” not only increase a sense of belonging, respect, and empowerment, but also improve student learning, and help the Sunnyvale School District to provide the best education for our students.

To learn more or to take the My Name, My Identity pledge go to

parent and child holding student name placard smiling

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