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Our Roadmap to the Future: SSD Approves six-year long Strategic Plan

After six months of intensive planning, including student surveys, family sessions, and community forums, we have just completed creating the strategic plan that will guide the Sunnyvale School District’s work until 2030. More than 400 staff, students, families, and community members participated in our strategic planning process.

Our 2024-2030 Strategic Plan is based on our core values of joy, compassion, justice, courage, and excellence, and articulates our promise: every student is known by name, strength and need, and is ready to excel in high school and beyond, and to lead a life of joy and purpose.

We believe equity and anti-racist practices lead to learning without limits and commit to addressing the individual supports that each student requires; mitigating structural barriers and biases; engaging in reflective practices, including two-way communication, evaluation of resource allocation, examination of our policies and practices; and empowering all learners.

Our goals are:

  • Students experience an inclusive and nurturing environment. 
  • Students receive equitable opportunities for growth. 
  • Students demonstrate responsibility for learning. 
  • Students achieve mastery of core content areas.

We will reach our goals by using our signature strategies: build trusting relationships with students and families by using social emotional and culturally responsive practices district-wide; provide timely in-school intervention, enrichment, and accelerated supports for students; create open forums for student dialog and facilitate student goal-setting; and engage students in authentic and meaningful tasks related to core content, and build a culture and practice of using best practices and assessment data to continuously improve instruction.

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