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Planning for Reopening of Schools

We are working on the reopening plans for the 2020-2021 school year, and as plans develop, we will engage community stakeholders to review and provide feedback. Our Reopening Leadership Team of district administrators will continue to meet weekly. They are working on three key areas (Health and Safety; Operations; and Teaching and Learning) described by the Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE) in conjunction with the Santa Clara County Department of Public Health (SCCDPH).

Surveys of staff, parents, and students are being developed to be deployed in the next week or so. Please keep an eye out for these and please do participate.

An Advisory Committee of principals, teachers, staff, and parents met on June 4 and will continue to meet approximately every other week.  They will inform us of the impact of potential plans and current circumstances and will brainstorm ideas.

The Board of Education is considering a statement of values and priorities to guide our work within the constraints we face.

The outgoing and incoming superintendents, Benjamin Picard and Michael Gallagher will continue to meet twice a week with SCCOE and SCCDPH and listen for updates on what’s allowable in our County.  The County’s goal is a relatively uniform reopening. We will continue to share updates with you as we navigate together what the reopening will look like.

Please see a special letter from the Santa Clara County Office of Education about the Reopening of Schools here:

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How could we contact this reopening committee to give them additional feedback? I would like to see the school district higher additional custodians/cleaning staff and have those automatic hand sanitizer stations in the classrooms by the doorway as students walk into the classrooms.

Hello Julie! If you could please include this in your response in the staff survey that is currently out that would be great otherwise you can always share thoughts with me, this is Alia, at and I will be sure to share with the committee and the task force. Thank you!

You can always send feedback to that goes to the board and District Leadership. Thank you so much for your question! Take good care, Julie.

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