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School Facilities Thoughtexchange results to guide District planning

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In October, Sunnyvale School District reached out to you to have a conversation around our school facilities. We asked what are your thoughts about our recent modernization efforts and what should we consider as we plan for the future of our school facilities?

We had 2,049 staff members and family members participate and share 1,154 thoughts, and apply 37,090 ratings to those thoughts.

Key themes that the Sunnyvale School District community shared thoughts on included an appreciation of modernization efforts so far, a desire for continuous improvement of safety and security, and improvements of heating and air conditioning systems and overall facilities. These results will guide our planning of future facilities projects.

“We appreciate your willingness to contribute to this process where everyone learns from one another and important ideas emerge,” said Superintendent Dr. Benjamin Picard. “Thank you for your participation and continued support of the Sunnyvale School District.”

To see the full results, please go to the dedicated website at

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