Student-led support for Ukraine

Bishop Bobcats and Cumberland Cougars each organized student-led efforts to send support to those affected by the war in Ukraine.

Bishop 5th grade class advocates for schoolwide fundraiser using newly acquired persuasive writing skills

As a Leader in Me School, Bishop students in Mrs. Papas’ 5th-grade class felt the need to lead not only a classroom fundraiser but a schoolwide money drive to help Ukraine. Students strongly felt that by helping others in need, they will show leadership and unity.

“In a time of darkness, we can be a glimmer of light,” said fifth-grader Liam Pratt.

The students passionately made posters before Spring Break that they put up around the school encouraging students to donate to the cause. Seven students contributed to writing a speech that was presented at the two Leadership Rallies on May 2nd and May 9th. They also had a table in the courtyard on May 10th, during Open House, for donations. The fundraiser lasted for 2 weeks. Each teacher was given an envelope to collect the money, and letters were sent out to families. The PTO also participated by helping raise more money during the end-of-the-year picnic. The school raised more than $1,600 dollars, which they will donate to UNICEF to go toward helping Ukraine.

“The fundraiser was a huge success, not only because the money we raised will help Ukraine, but the experience of planting the seed and involving our entire Bishop community in this service project was amazing,” said 5th-grade teacher Eleni Papas. “I loved watching the passion my kids had getting involved in current affairs and starting youth activism so early…truly inspiring!”

Students did everything from writing speeches for assemblies to presenting in classrooms and informing students of the purpose of our fundraiser, to making posters. They also made blue and yellow bracelets to sell during Open House, collected the money from classrooms, added the totals during math, and shared the total amount raised during announcements.

“I felt like a superhero,” added fifth-grader Christopher Gutierrez.

Cumberland Cougars send love and support to Ukraine via special video message 

Cumberland students were able to send a special message of love and support to Ukraine thanks to the organization Kids For Peace, which reached out to schools around the nation inviting them to participate in a video montage of messages they were sending to a teacher in Ukraine.

First-grade teachers Mrs. Brunnings and Ms. Grassman decided to participate. Mrs. Brunnings incorporated the project into a lesson about diversity and empathy, and then the class created a 5 second message and submitted to the cause. The video can be viewed here:  Mrs. Brunnings’ class is featured at minute 7:22, followed by Ms. Grassman’s class at 7:28.

“It was amazing to see the final product and hear messages of caring and hope from around the world!” Mrs. Brunnings said. “Our students enjoyed seeing it and feeling like they could help spread some love from far away.”

Cumberland also promoted a school-wide effort to support Ukraine. Student Council sold Smencils (scented pencils) to support World Central Kitchen, which has people on the ground in Ukraine and surrounding countries providing nourishment to those in need. 100% of the proceeds were donated.

Students sold pencils for $2 each and ended up raising over $1,800 dollars for World Central Kitchen! The students were thrilled!

“It has been wonderful to see the students getting involved and reaching out and seeing how they can make a difference,” Brunnings added.

Article submitted by Mrs. Papas, Mrs. Brunnings, Ms. Grassman and Ms. Ruan.

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