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Students collaborate for SMS Decides project


This school year, in conjunction with the Every Voice Engaged Foundation, students at Sunnyvale Middle School participated in a project called SMS Decides where they collaborated with each other to make SMS a better place.

The Every Voice Engaged Foundation provided a $500 grant to the school to be used to fund a school improvement project selected directly by the students.  In the first phase of the project, students used an online platform to brainstorm ideas for how to improve the school.  Students came up with many good ideas, including bean bag chairs for the library, more sports equipment for lunchtime activities, a bike repair shop, and many more.

Students in the Leadership class looked at all of the 219 submitted ideas, researched them, and came up with a list of about 20 reasonable and well-thought out ideas that could improve the school.  Next, students throughout the school voted online to fund the projects they thought were the best.  In the end, students voted to have a water bottle filling station installed on campus, sports equipment for lunchtime activities, and more painted games on the blacktop such as foursquare.

Congratulations to Sunnyvale Middle School Spartans for working together to make their school a better place!

Contributor: Brian Brown

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