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Students school the community on Public Health

Article written by Sunnyvale Middle School teacher, Dewey Huang. 

A group of volunteer students called the Public Health Enhancement Project (PHEP), banded together to create an educational video series composed of six videos that cover concepts from how a virus infects a body and what immunity is, to how a vaccine helps provide immunity against infectious disease.

Led by a dedicated team of students (many of whom are current or former SSD students), teachers, and healthcare professionals, PHEP’s goal is to equip students and other school community members with the necessary information to better understand the science driving the pandemic.

Each episode was scripted, animated, narrated, and edited by these students and can be found on their YouTube channel. The episodes cover the background science behind the cause of the COVID-19 as well as what people can do to prevent future pandemics.

The episode topics are as follows:

  • Episode 1: Cells
  • Episode 2: DNA & Protein synthesis
  • Episode 3: Viruses
  • Episode 4: Immune System
  • Episode 5: COVID
  • Episode 6: Vaccines

The Santa Clara County Office has already begun using their videos and sharing them on their Social Media to help train their CAP Youth Ambassadors in the information they will need to know to be a resource in their communities on topics concerning vaccines. Way to go Spartans on the hard work you accomplished in this very tough year.

Check out their YouTube Channel!

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