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Sunnyvale Wrestling Youth Wrestling League completes third season

Vargas students wear their wrestling shirts with pride

Vargas students wear their wrestling shirts with prideSunnyvale Wrestling Club finished its third season of the Sunnyvale Youth Wrestling League on November 4th.

This free program for SSD students focuses on physical literacy, technical skill, and character development.  Students from six SSD sites participate on teams hosted by four SSD schools, practicing twice a week and competing once a week for 5 weeks leading up to a tournament held at Fremont High School.

There were 100 students participating in the tournament all at different levels: Novice, Bantam, and Intermediate.  Vargas and Bishop each had a student place in the finals.  All participating students received a Sunnyvale Youth Wrestling League T-shirt.

Special thank yous to Daniel McCune, a teacher, and coach from Fremont High School, who organizes and coordinates the wrestling club for Sunnyvale students. McCune, a former Lakewood Lion and Columbia Middle bulldog, hopes that wrestling will create a community for students to which they can belong to into their adult lives as it has for him.

This article was written by Pam Murdock, Sunnyvale School District Health and Wellness Programs Liaison.

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