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Superintendent’s Message: June 2019

Dear Friends,

There are so many things that make Sunnyvale a great place to be an educator: neighbors who care about our children, a Silicon Valley backdrop, and a climate that allows for year-round outdoor exploration. But our single greatest asset is the diversity of our student body; when our children join us each day, they bring the world directly to our doorstep, enriching our classrooms and offering an array of perspectives that contribute to every student’s learning.

More than 6,000 unique individuals join us on our campuses every morning. We strive to welcome each one into classrooms that are safe and affirming, so they may bring the most authentic selves to light. Seeing how children express themselves as individuals through their work, art, and play is one of the great joys of being an educator, but it is perhaps even more inspiring to see them come together as a group — laughing together, sharing their unique ideas with confidence, learning from each other, discovering new ways of looking at things, and finding solutions to problems in a harmonious way. These are the lessons we hope they carry with them into adulthood, so they can shape a more peaceful and positive tomorrow.

Our students represent a multitude of cultures and speak more than 45 different languages. Yet working and playing together, they are able to find commonalities that transcend their differences. In many ways, the language of childhood is universal: the need for safety, learning, and acceptance are common themes, and the very things we hope they will find as a part of our learning community.

Thank you for joining with us in demonstrating your support for each and every one of our unique and precious students. We look forward to growing in strength as a learning community, empowering children to shine with their personal brand of brilliance.

Wishing you a brilliant summer of your own,

Benjamin H. Picard, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

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