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Superintendent’s Message: September 2022

The joyfulness of students, teachers, and staff filled our corridors as we all returned to school last month. These are sounds I look forward to every year. Our teachers, principals, and staff are all ready for the year with positive attitudes and a deep commitment to the potential of each individual child.

I look to the year ahead with great excitement. The plan we have crafted is rich, focusing our work on improving instructional and intervention practices while employing a refined equity lens and recommitting ourselves to innovation. Our mission is to provide every student with a strong foundation of academic, social-emotional, and behavioral skills to prepare them for success in a diverse, challenging, and changing world. I am proud of the commitment from our entire community to engage in this work.

This year, we will continue to build on our equity work, improving student outcomes by meeting individual needs with tailored support. Our goal is to create a joyful learning environment in which every child is encouraged to bring the full measure of their creativity and selves to help them reach their fullest potential.

I speak for all of us in our district when I say we are delighted to partner with you in serving your children. Thank you for being a part of our school community.  I wish you a wonderful school year!

Michael Gallagher, Ed.D.


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