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Vargas Green Team takes charge of reducing the school’s waste

Three students from the Vargas Green Team have made it their mission to reduce the amount of plastic waste produced in their cafeteria.  Fifth-grader Revati Tambe, and fourth-graders Rilee Lackey and Sonja Arneborn recognized that the napkin, spork, and straw packages that are distributed in the cafeteria lead to a lot of plastic waste at Vargas. Sometimes the whole package ends up in the garbage unused. Together the girls researched the impact plastic waste has on our planet and came up with a plan where the Vargas community can make a difference.  They presented their research and ideas for individual spork and napkin dispensers to our Superintendent, Chief Financial Officer, Food Services Manager, and most recently our School Board.  We are excited to announce their great work has led to a pilot program for spork and napkin dispensers in our cafeteria.  We are so proud of their great work and they are paving the way for change in our cafeterias across the district!

Vargas Green Team making an impact

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