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Your Tax Dollars at Work: Construction Updates

Our Operations team had an impressively productive summer thanks to Sunnyvale’s support of past bonds that have enabled us to do this work! Check out some of the highlights!

Sunnyvale Middle School

Some major project milestones for Sunnyvale Middle School, the next District school to be renovated, include:

  • Finalized architectural program and design and development drawings
  • Blach Construction has been approved as the project Contractor
  • The Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) or the highest amount of labor, materials and profit costs the contractor can charge the customer should be established December/January
  • A Board Presentation is scheduled for October 19 with more updates

Ellis Elementary

  • The construction of four buildings have been completed including new transitional kindergarten (TK) and kindergarten classrooms as well as a new daycare building.
  • In progress is the new multipurpose building and media center.
  • Key features of the new TK and kindergarten classrooms include an integrated A/V system, ample storage, high ceilings, independent HVAC, natural light, vertically oriented marker boards, new furniture including flexible furniture that provide a variety of seating options for our students.

HVAC Projects at San Miguel, Vargas and Fairwood

Key features and milestones for the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) projects at San Miguel, Vargas and Fairwood include:

  • A new sustainable/green roof that is designed to passively cool the building and in effect lower the HVAC running costs.
  • Replaced dry rot at Vargas and Fairwood
  • New electric and gas HVAC units
  • All units are operational
  • Currently addressing final to do items before project completion

TK Refurbishment Projects

Key features and milestones for transitional kindergarten refurbishment projects include:

  • Shade and picnic tables
  • TK/kinder appropriate play structures
  • Accessible tactile play equipment
  • Installation of safety padding and synthetic turf

Painting at Vargas and Fairwood

  • Fun and bright new colors at Fairwood and the Vargas VS3 logo and motto of Student Success through Science are now front and center at the schools

Electronic Marquees at Vargas, Fairwood, and Ellis

  • Rather than having to manually change our marquee signs, Vargas, Fairwood and Ellis can now do so digitally!

To learn more about our bond-related construction projects, please go to our Bond Program webpage at under About Us. Thank you for supporting our schools!

Article by District Communications Coordinator Alia Wilson.

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