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2015 Community Award Winners

community award

Congratulations to Vargas Elementary Principal Annette Grasty and Cherry Chase’s Green Committee for being recognized as 2015 Sunnyvale Community Award Winners!

The city has recognized Annette as the Outstanding Educator of the Year and Cherry Chase’s Green Committee for Outstanding Environmental Achievement.

During the annual State of the City event, Sunnyvale honors exceptional members of our community. Other awards include Distinguished Resident, Outstanding High School Senior, Outstanding Community Volunteer, Outstanding Business Person, and Outstanding Contribution to the Arts.

The 2015 Sunnyvale Community Awards will be presented to the winners by the Sunnyvale City Council, as part of the State of the City event on Saturday, September 12, 11 a.m. at Washington Park.

Annette Grasty has served as principal of three of the District’s schools, first at Fairwood School, then at Lakewood School and currently at Vargas. The outcome of her efforts has resulted in California Distinguished School awards and consistently improved student learning.

She is seen as a leader among the principals in the Sunnyvale School District.  She was recognized by her peers as the District’s Manager of the Year not only for her success in improving Lakewood and Fairwood schools, but also because she is always available as a mentor to help her peers and to remind us all of the limitless potential of our students.

The Green Committee is a group of 5th graders (moving up to 6th grade) who came together with the purpose of generating environmental awareness at Cherry Chase. After attending science camp in October 2014, students were motivated for environmental action, so they looked into ways to reduce waste on campus.

The three founders launched the Green Committee and created a campaign to educate other students on reducing food waste through a composting program for lunch waste. These 5th graders worked tirelessly on this initiative for seven months, sacrificing lunch, recess, time after school and even weekends to put their plan into action.

As they grew, they enlisted students in other grades and classrooms to get involved and help collect food waste in composting bins.  They also created an online newsletter with helpful advice and a new ‘green’ tip each week.

The formal award presentation of the event will conclude at approximately noon. Come out and support our award winning SSD family!

Contributor Alia Wilson.

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