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BAWSI Rollers Special Education Program comes to Vargas

Students on the move with BAWSI Rollers

BAWSI Rollers visit VargasThe BAWSI Rollers program provides fun, adaptive physical activities for girls and boys with physical, cognitive and hearing disabilities.

Through a fun and active curriculum that includes games such as basketball, soccer, and sharks and minnows, the BAWSI Students on the move with BAWSI RollersRollers program helps participants develop hand-eye coordination, strength, confidence and a sense of independence.

Weekly sessions include activities focused on goal setting, teamwork, and healthy competition, as well as spirited conversations about self-respect, responsibility, and leadership.

There were 25 kids at Vargas participating in the BAWSI Rollers program. In addition to the BAWSI staff there were volunteers from the Wilcox High School Post-Secondary special education class.

The BAWSI staff and volunteers, meet with the student’s once a week for 6-weeks during the fall and spring.

This article was written by Pam Murdock, Sunnyvale School District Health and Wellness Programs Liaison.

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