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BikeMobile Visits Sunnyvale Schools

BikeMobile-SMS 1

Local Motion ( runs the Bay Area BikeMobile ( program that brings bike mechanics and equipment to schools, community centers, parks, etc., across the San Francisco Bay Area. BikeMobile mechanics provide FREE repairs and maintenance service for bikes at these events, especially reaching out to low-income families. BikeMobile partners with Spare the Air Youth ( and Safe Routes to Schools (, allowing the organization to provide these services free of charge. At these events, BikeMobile mechanics not only repair bikes and provide the parts free of charge but mechanics also teach the students and families how to do the repairs themselves.

BikeMobile event at SMS
BikeMobile event at SMS

Tonya Veitch, Health Planning Specialist at Santa Clara County Public Health Department, who has helped Sunnyvale schools coordinate Safe Routes to School programs and events for the last two years, has been instrumental in bringing BikeMobile’s services to our schools. The Safe Routes to School Program has teamed up with BikeMobile for standalone bike repair events as well as at schools Family Fun Bike Nights. As a result, hundreds of students and families have received bike and pedestrian safety and over 100 students and families have received free bike repairs. These events have been organized by Safe Routes to School parent coordinators and teacher champions in coordination with Tonya Veitch. Schools in the Sunnyvale School District that have participated or will participate during the 2013-14 school year include: Cherry Chase, Cumberland, San Miguel, Sunnyvale Middle School, and Vargas. The goal of hosting an event such as this is to encourage and keep students rolling to school safely when otherwise they might not have the opportunity to ride to school due to a flat tire, worn out brakes, etc.

To schedule a BikeMobile event at your school next year visit BikeMobile’s website at

Contributor: Tonya Veitch, Health Planning Specialist at Santa Clara County Public Health Department

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