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Bishop parent volunteers revitalize garden for class visits and lessons

A new school garden at Bishop is providing students with the opportunity to go on “garden trips” once a month thanks to parent volunteers.

Bishop’s three second-grade classes have been the first groups to go into the garden and help prepare it. Students have been doing many different hands-on activities like using garden tools, creating compost for worms, and digging and planting trees.

The garden space has stumps, new vegetation, planter beds, and more!

The school recently planted apricot, cherry, plum, and fig trees in partnership with the Sunnyvale Historical Society and Museum Association.

“We wanted to choose plants that honor Sunnyvale’s heritage of fruit trees,” said parent volunteer Peggy Brewster.

The school is looking forward to caring for the crops they planted and observing the progression of the vermiculture (worms) organic waste composter.

Article submitted by Bishop second grade teacher MG Bertrand and Bishop parent Peggy Brewster.

Bishop Principal Tara Lubrano and parent Eileen Bloom stand in the school garden



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