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Board of Education Updates

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The following is a summary of actions taken by the Sunnyvale School District Board at the September, October and November meetings.

September 7:

  • Approved the annual unaudited actuals financial report for the fiscal year 2016-2017. The District met all mandated financial reserve requirements for the fiscal year.
  • Ratified the revised Facilities Use Agreement between the Sunnyvale School District and Spark Charter School. Revisions had to do with timing for access to the facility and third-party use, residency documents for the charter students and reimbursement for over allocation, furniture and equipment provided by the district, and closure of any part of the site/facility if needed.

September 21:

  • Approved a resolution regarding the sufficiency of instructional materials. An audit of textbooks indicated that the District has a sufficient number of textbooks and instructional materials that are consistent with the textbooks approved by the State Board of Education. Additionally, Columbia Middle School and Vargas Elementary School passed a Williams audit in August 2017 for textbook sufficiency.

October 5:

  • Adopted revised board policies regarding vision, philosophy, evaluation of the superintendent, governing board elections, and orientation.

October 19:

  • Adopted revised board policies regarding selection and evaluation of instructional materials and goals for the school district.

November 2:

  • Reviewed board policies regarding comprehensive plans, accountability, district and school websites, and visitors/outsiders.

November 14 (Special Board Meeting):

  • Discussed 2018 slate of officers and committee representatives, and elected members of the Santa Clara County Committee on School District Organization for the District.

The next Board of Education meetings are December 7 and January 11.

Board of Education meetings are generally scheduled at 6:30 p.m. on the first and third Thursday of the month at the Sunnyvale School District Administrative Office, 819 West Iowa Avenue, Sunnyvale.

The Board of Education is the elected governing body of the SSD. Its five members serve four-year terms and are elected by Sunnyvale residents. Learn more about the members, and view their meeting schedule, agendas, and minutes.

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