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Bulldogs clinch the Valley Athletic League soccer cup


Middle School 7th/8th grade boys soccer team earned the title of champions of the Valley Athletic League, the first time in nine years that the team has won the championships.

The Bulldogs were undefeated in the playoffs, downing the Hyde Lions and Blach Falcons before clinching the championship with a 3-0 win over the Miller Mustangs.

“It is really nice to see how supportive our staff is. Our principals (Mr. Poo, Mr. Bradley and Dr. T) have also been very supportive with coming out to the games, and Mrs. Reynoso is always listening to our kiddos’ needs and being there for them, as well as making things happen for them,” said Micaela Lopez, CMS parent and staff member.

Article by Lighthouse Blue Communications Consultant Dyan Chan and Micaela Lopez.

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