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Cherry Chase fifth graders enjoy Science Camp

Campers explore the outdoors

Campers explore the outdoorsCherry Chase fifth graders enjoyed a wonderful week at Walden West this May. Highlights included making it on to the Low-Waste Hall of Fame (again), learning about our local environment and how to take care of it, making face paint with rocks on creek hikes, braving night hikes and solo hikes, and making tons of new friends. Students returned to campus with a greater appreciation for the outdoors and a love of adventure. Teachers enjoyed watching their students conquer their fears, take on new responsibilities, and try new things. We look forward to returning next year!

Cherry Chase Charger Flora Brill shares two things from Science Camp that she really enjoyed:

The Night Hike (what it sounds like). Since it was so late in the year, the darkest part was when we closed our eyes and to hear the forest. We also did solo sits (what it sounds like).

The Ultimate Hike (a five-hour hike.) For part of it, we did a solo hike. One by one, we left. We went to a reservoir, and it was really fun. There were reeds that I and other people in my group walked through, cute garter snakes, and I even caught a frog!

Submitted by Cherry Chase 5th-grade teacher Suegol Malek.

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