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Construction Updates: Bishop two-story building takes shape

rendering of what Bishop's two-story classroom will look like

rendering of what Bishop's two-story classroom will look likeSummer came and went faster than we could have imagined. However, the construction progress kept up with the pace and we continue to take strides towards completion.crane lowers prefabricated classroom onto ground at Bishop

We had the footings for the new ‘G-Wing’ classrooms excavated, formed, and poured in time to receive the new classrooms! The ‘G-Wing’ was set on August 5th and the contractor is now working on the infrastructure connections to each classroom.

The interior demolition of the old administration and theater buildings are almost complete. With the old administration building having all of the interior finishes removed, all the way to the studs in preparation for new finishes to be installed. The theater is receiving a nice refresher and will open back up with a similar look but with some needed improvements completed.

The kitchen has been completely demolished! Everything from the old wooden canopy to the walls, floors, and concrete slab the kitchen sat on are all removed and hauled off site.

At the end of this month, August 31st and September 1st, we will be receiving and craning the new two-story classroom building into place! This will be a huge milestone for the Bishop Elementary School Modernization and the Sunnyvale School District as a whole.

Please check the Under Construction webpage towards the end of the month for more progress pictures and updates.

Article written by District Capital Projects Coordinator Brandt Burns.

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