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Cumberland Cougars join Millionaires Club by reading one million words

Millionaire's Club wall of fame

Millionaire's Club wall of fameCumberland is exploding with millionaires!

Yup, millionaires!

The Cumberland Millionaires Club was started about 10 years ago by Learning Resource Specialist Lisa Atkins. Parents and children keep track of all the books the students read. After reading 1,000,000 words the reading log gets turned in to Ms. Atkins. The child receives a certificate and a 1,000,000 dollar bill. They also get a star with their name on it added to the Millionaire Wall in the library. If they achieve two million words, they get another certificate and a larger star in the library.

This school year alone Cumberland already has 21 millionaires and five of them are two-time millionaires!

What is so special about this is that they have their entire time at Cumberland to become a millionaire! They just have to keep track of books read on their spreadsheet (working with their parents) and once they hit 1,000,000, the parents email it to Ms. Atkins or print and sign it and send to school with their child.

No, they do not have to count 1,000,000 word for word.  That is already taken care of for them through  They just need to find their book on the website and look at the word count.

Their smiles are priceless.

This article was written by Lisa Atkins, Cumberland Learning Resource Specialist.

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