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Ellis families enjoy reading at the amusement park family reading night

reading activities

families pretend to read at an amusement park at school family members read aloud to students

On November 14th Ellis welcomed students and their families to come to the ‘Reading at the Amusement Park,’ a Family Reading Night.  Students listened to read alouds from staff members, played sight word games, cozied up with their parents in the reading corner, had their picture taken while riding a rollercoaster (on the green screen) and walked away with a free book. Family Reading Night is one of Ellis School’s efforts to engage parents in the school’s initiative to adopt Reading and Writing Workshop, which relies on family involvement to foster a love of reading and writing in students.  Since the Reading Workshop adoption began in 2014, Family Reading Nights have grown to be an integral part of the school culture.

Article written by Ellis Assistant Principal Stephanie Fischer.

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Two months and no correction to the title? I believe it should read “at” and not “that”

Hi Erin!
Thank you for catching that – we definitely rely on our community to help spot errors we otherwise miss. Just fixed it and appreciate your help in keeping the site in tip top shape!

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