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Enrichment opportunities offered via Stanford Summer Explorations program

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Sunnyvale School District is pleased to announce another year of its Stanford Summer Explorations program for students in current grades kindergarten through seventh. The elementary program will be held at Ellis Elementary School and the middle school program will be at Columbia Middle School and will run between June 27th through July 22nd.

Programs will continue to provide an opportunity for enrichment and a means to prevent summer learning loss with a focus on academic language and oral language. Middle School students have the opportunity to take English Language Arts, Math, Science, History (for grades 7 and 8) and Beginning Mandarin (students are scheduled on a space-available basis).

More than 700 students attended the Stanford Summer Explorations program, last year. Summer Explorations is a free, four week program, where students spend each day working on their reading and writing, math and critical-thinking skills.

The program is a collaborative effort where Sunnyvale School District teachers, as well as teachers from surrounding districts, are paired up with student teachers in the Stanford Teacher Education Program (STEP). One teacher is paired up with two to three Stanford student teachers, which allows for more individualized support.

To learn more about Summer Explorations, please contact your school or visit

News Brief by Dorothy Abreu-Coito, Director of Instructional Services, Sunnyvale School District

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How will you register for the program?


Hello Alison. Thank you for your interest in Summer Explorations! You will need to contact your school’s principal about registering. Thanks very much.

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