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Exchange students from Iizuka, Japan visit CMS

exchange students with Principal Allmann

Visiting students and chaperones from Japan left Sunnyvale March 30, 2018. Kengo and Ichiya joined all of the core academics classes, took part in P.E., WEB, and AVID, observed performances in choir, drama, band, and orchestra, participated in art and robotics, were in the audience for the slam poetry competition, and ate lunch with the CMS students who are visiting Iizuka this June. CMS students were eager to engage and ask questions. They wanted to find out more about Japan, learn about how Kengo and Ichiya saw America, and attempt to converse with some basic Japanese. Finding out Kengo and Ichiya also play Fortnite was, in particular, a big revelation. Special education students got to practice their social skills and basic language skills when interacting. Lots of smiles all around 🙂 The Iizuka chaperone/ teachers also observed classrooms. (Photo and content contributed by Sheila McKell)

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