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Facilities Master Plan to be adopted by Board of Education in February

The Sunnyvale School District is coming to the end of a year and a half process of developing a Facilities Master Plan that identifies opportunities to improve and reimagine our school buildings, campuses, and classrooms.

Launched in June 2020, the process has included setting Educational Vision and Goals, reviewing demographics and enrollment, conducting facilities condition assessments, and financial analysis.

Community input has been an important component of planning. A Facility Master Plan Steering Committee comprised of district leadership, board of education members, and teacher and classified union representatives was formed in the Fall of 2020. A Facility Master Plan Committee was formed in January 2021 and is comprised of teachers and support staff, board members, parents/guardians, district leadership, city leaders, business leaders, high school district representatives, and other district community members.

School site input was collected from principals, teachers, support staff, and students and used to draft proposed improvements which were presented at a virtual town hall meeting on October 27 and may be viewed here: Maps were also shared with school sites to review and feedback.

Once the Site Master Plan Concepts are finalized, a cost analysis and prioritization will be conducted and presented to the Board of Education in February.

We anticipate our new Facilities Master Plan to serve us for the next 10 years but will be updated every 3-5 years.

Thanks to generous community support of bond measures in previous years, we have been able to conduct a complete campus rebuild at Bishop Elementary, comprehensive modernizations at Cumberland, Lakewood, San Miguel, and Columbia Middle, and partial renovation at Cherry Chase, Fairwood, and Vargas. Ellis Elementary’s modernization is currently underway with plans for the modernization of Sunnyvale Middle School to be next! We could not do this without your support, so thank you!

To see the status of current and future construction projects visit

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