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Facts About Measure G

On Tuesday, November 5, 2013, all of the voters in the Sunnyvale School District will have an opportunity to vote on Measure G, a $96 million school bond. Measure G will provide funds to renovate older schools, improve instructional technology, and provide classrooms needed to accommodate increasing enrollment in the school district. The average yearly cost to property owners in the Sunnyvale School District will be $15 per $100,000 of assessed valuation (not market value).

Measure G funds will be used to continue the renovation and modernization of all district schools, providing students and teachers with comparable classrooms and facilities. The bond will help provide schools with long term facility maintenance funds and updated instructional technology.

Four schools in Sunnyvale need to be modernized to the same standards as other schools in the district. Bishop Elementary, Cherry Chase Elementary, Ellis Elementary and Sunnyvale Middle School will be renovated to provide up to date classrooms, libraries and computer labs.

Measure G will provide funds to:

  • Renovate and upgrade older classrooms
  • Update and rebuild libraries and computer labs
  • Expand school offices and student support service areas
  • Add and renovate restrooms
  • Upgrade schools through the use of clean and efficient “Green” energy systems
  • Improve instructional technology.

Measure G provides for strict accountability as bond funds are spent. The School Board adopted a specific project list when calling this election. In addition, an Independent Citizens Bond Oversight Committee will monitor and review all bond expenditures. This committee of local residents will be tasked with ensuring that all bond funds are spent as planned for the benefit of local students.

None of the money will be used for school administrator or teacher salaries.  All of the money generated by Measure G will pay for school construction projects.

Construction costs cannot be paid for by lottery funds.  State law (Government Code Section 8880.5) forbids the use of lottery funds for school construction.

For more information about the Sunnyvale School District and Measure G, please visit the District’s web site at

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