Finalists of Bishop’s Invention Convention move on to state level competition

Despite being remote, Bishop Bobcats were still able to work for 10 weeks during asynchronous school work time to complete their prototypes for a virtual Invention Convention. A total of 30 students participated in the weekly virtually invention convention sessions.

“At the culmination of 10 weeks we had three inventors that had completed inventions, submitted 21-page invention logs and video,” said Bishop teacher Sueh-Min Liew. “On the 11th week, we had a showcase where students got to poll for fun and we celebrated their accomplishments at the local level of invention convention.  This has been a growing process for the three students and I have been blessed to work with them and their families this year.”

Official judging took place on March 5-11. The total score of each inventor from each judge was added to the scores from other judges. Scores were then averaged to find a first, second, and third-place winner.

Congratulations to:

1st Place: Ian Brown (Kindergarten) for his Growing Pain Eliminator invention. Ian Video

2nd Place: Ricelle Ann Ventura (Second) for her Shower Detangler invention. Video presentation

3rd Place: Kai Ledbetter (Third) for his Mega Charger. Kai Video

The winners will be moving on to the State Level Competition, the California Invention Convention, on April 17!

Invention Description Logs:

For Ian’s GPE (Growing Pains Eliminator) Invention Log

For Ricelle Ann Ventura Powerpoint (created by CAIC)

Kai Ledbetter Invention Log

From Ian’s mother— I think this really gave Ian a sense of accomplishment.  This was the most challenging work Ian has done in Kindergarten, and he seemed proud to have his video shared with his class yesterday.  Thank you for utilizing your time with the students and walking them through this learning experience.

student inventor

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