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How Sodas, Diet Drinks, and Other Sugary Liquids Affect your Teeth

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Soft drinks are popular beverages worldwide. It is a ubiquitous part of the global fast food culture. Yet, soft drinks are quite unhealthy. As Santa Clara County launches its “soda-free” campaign for the summer, Children’s Dental Center would like to bring to your attention how soft drinks affect your health:

  • Most soft drinks contain sugar, citric acid, and phosphoric acid. This combination can cause loss of enamel in your teeth and will accelerate development of dental cavities.
  • Non-cola beverages are less acidic than cola beverages, but they more harmful to your teeth due to their higher concentrations of sugar, so they tend to erode teeth more.
  • Diet colas and non-cola diet drinks are actually just as bad for your teeth because of the higher levels of carbonation and phosphoric acid they contain. Diet sodas may cause other health problems including kidney damage, weight gain, and bone loss.
  • Sports drinks and energy drinks seem healthy; however, they often contain a large amount of sugar and acid, which will cause dental erosion. Some ingredients in these drinks corrode the gum line and weaken a tooth’s foundation, causing it to eventually fall out.

Here are some healthier drink options for the summer:

  • Water. Drink plenty of water before and after any physical activity.
  • Natural juices (100% fruit juices without added sugar), home-made or packaged/bottled.
  • Milk
  • Water mixed with fruit. Mix fruits, water, and ice in a blender to make a cool, refreshing, and healthy drink. The natural sweetness in fruits makes it unnecessary to add any sweetener.
  • As always, maintain a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables and other nutrients your body needs.

Healthy choices will help keep you hydrated and replenish fluids you lose through exercise.

Have a healthy and soda-free summer!

Questions? Please contact Dionisio Palencia, Manager of Public Relations at the Children’s Dental Center of Sunnyvale (a project made possible by Children’s Dental Group, The Health Trust, FIRST 5, and El Camino Hospital) 897 West El Camino Real, Sunnyvale CA 94087. (408) 701-5882. M-F 8am – 5pm.

Contributor: Dionisio Palencia, Manager of Pubic Relations, Children’s Dental Center, Sunnyvale

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