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It’s Your Meeting! Join In! How Board of Education Meetings Work

first board meeting of 23-24

The Sunnyvale School District Board of Education is made up of five trustees who are elected by community members in their respective trustee areas for a four-year term. School Board members guide the governing of the school district, including setting policies, adopting budgets, and approving curriculum.

We invite District families and community members to participate in our Board of Education meetings to learn about and provide input on District decisions. We generally hold Board of Education meetings at 6 p.m. on the first and third Thursdays of the month at the District office, 819 W. Iowa Avenue, Sunnyvale; and via Zoom. Please check the calendar for an up-to-date schedule and virtual meeting link.

Our Board of Education meetings follow a written agenda that is posted online at least 72 hours before scheduled meetings. Community members are encouraged to comment on issues the Board is considering.

Community members may also bring up a topic that is not listed on the board agenda during the Public Comments portion of the meeting. This portion of the meeting provides an opportunity for members of the public to directly address the Governing Board on any item of interest to the public. The board, however, is unable to take any action on any item not appearing on the posted agenda per provisions of the Brown Act Government Code 54954.2(a) and .3. Time limits allocated to public testimony are three (3) minutes per person and twenty (20) minutes for public comments.

Speakers are asked fill out a speaker card and turn it into the Executive Assistant to the Superintendent. Each speaker can approach the podium when called upon by the Board President. Speakers are asked to give their name and affiliation so that an accurate record is reflected in the minutes.

If a speaker is online and wants to speak during the Public Comment portion they are to use the “Raise Hand” feature and will be called on in the order it was received. (Complaints against school personnel or anyone connected with the school system should be referred to the Superintendent, not made as a Public Comment.)

We hope to see you at a School Board meeting soon!

Article by Lighthouse Blue Consultant Dyan Chan and District Communications Coordinator Alia Wilson.

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