“JBK” (Just Be Kind) Program Goes Viral at SMS

What is JBK?  Well, the secret’s out!  JBK stands for “Just Be Kind,” and it is part of Sunnyvale Middle School’s efforts to create a more caring and positive climate on campus and off.

JBK was conceived as a “stealth” viral campaign that would be student-centered for the most part.  Because “JBK” kept popping up around the school (e.g. spray painted on the new science wing building), student interest quickly grew, and the middle school “rumor mill” helped deepen students’ curiosity.

"JBK" was everywhere at SMS, even spray painted on buildings under construction!

Forty students who were chosen to model the JBK t-shirts to begin spreading the word about kindness. Other “JBK” items including bracelets are now available to students and staff to help the campaign continue to grow.

Middle school students help "JBK" go viral at SMS.

The entire SMS community is excited that the JBK campaign will act as a launching pad to establish a culture at SMS where teasing and bullying are not tolerated and are not “cool”.  Look for future activities around these efforts this spring, and remember, “JBK”.

Article by Dorothy Abreu-Coito, Principal, Sunnyvale Middle School

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