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Lakewood Tech Night 2018


lakewood tech fairOn May 2, 2018, Lakewood Tech EQ hosted their third annual Tech Night. Families were encouraged to explore all things tech and design thinking and how to balance screen time. Families were given a technology contract to sign and serve as a guide on how to use media safely. Teachers facilitated workshops around educational apps to use over the summer, KIBO robotics, cybersafety, robotics, coding, Hip Hop 101 using GarageBand, making videos with green screens, and science apps. For the first time this year students also made their own TED talks around subjects they feel they are experts on or about how Lakewood rocks!

A major focus of Lakewood is to prepare future citizens-in real life AND online-who are capable of communicating effectively using today’s technology. Lakewood teachers explicitly teach and monitor students’ academic, social, and technology learning to prepare them for their bright futures. The school is proud to be a Common Sense Education Certified School for Digital Citizenship.

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