Lunchtime activities build community at CMS

Columbia student leadership and staff have been coordinating lunchtime activities to foster community. On Friday, November 18th, the staff took on the eighth-graders in a volleyball game for the second time this year. Students are undefeated!

“It was a great community builder as most of our student body was in the stands watching and cheering,” said teacher Gigi Swan.

On Nov. 22, the school had a Pumpkin Pie eating contest at lunch. After getting approval from a parent/guardian to make sure there were no allergies, the contestants were ready to go, not being allowed to use their hands. It was a little messy but the students, especially the students spectating, really enjoyed the event.

Other events in November also included a “No One Sits Alone” event at lunch and tug-of-war. More events to come! Share your ideas for community-building events with your school!

Article submitted by Gigi Swan, a physical education teacher at CMS.

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