Marine Science Institute brings the San Francisco Bay into CMS classrooms

Columbia Middle seventh graders learn about San Francisco Bay invertebrates

On February 7, February 13, and February 15, 7th-grade biologists at Columbia Middle School investigated ecosystems and animals of the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific rocky coast tide pools – from the comfort of their classrooms!  The Marine Science Institute from Redwood City brought marine invertebrates (animals without backbones) for students to discover the adaptations and food webs of animals in these two different habitats.

Students were able to observe California mussels, brown turban snails, red beard sponges, lined shore crabs and more invertebrates. Special thanks to Ms. Allmann, the Sunnyvale Education Foundation ( and the Marine Science Institute ( for making this opportunity possible!

Article was written by Molly Ammons, a Columbia Middle School science teacher.

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