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Motivational speaker Blake Brandes uses hip-hop to teach Lakewood students about growth mindset and grit

Blake Brandes

students entertained by brandes freestyle rapblake brandes at lakewood

On October 17, 2018, the students of Lakewood TECH EQ learned about the growth mindset and grit from Blake Brandes, who has a doctorate in hip-hop and global youth cultures and is a TEDx speaker and international youth motivational speaker. From 12:40-1:10 p.m. and again at 1:25-2:10 p.m., Brandes presented the work of Carol Dweck and Angela Duckworth in a fun, accessible manner that empowers children of all ages.

The presentation included age-appropriate and engaging growth mindset and grit lessons infused with beatboxing, comedic storytelling, and family-friendly freestyle rapping. “When students adopt a growth mindset, they become more resilient when facing challenges at school and at home, are less likely to give up, and believe more in their power to learn new things,” said Blake Brandes. Learn more about Dr. Blake Brandes at

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