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Nurses’ Corner: Staying Fit During the Winter Months

Over the upcoming holiday break (and beyond), many of us will be spending more time indoors as the weather gets colder. Although it can be a bit more difficult when warm weather is not inviting us outside to run around, we all want to make sure to keep up our efforts to stay physically fit. Physical activity can make a huge difference in our energy level, our mood, and our general sense of well-being. It can also help our immune systems fight illness in the event we get sick. One does not need to make huge changes in lifestyle to improve fitness. Just a few minutes of physical activity each day can add up each week to help us feel stronger and more energized and to get better sleep! We are including here some online resources (courtesy of Coach Nick Ramsden) for a variety of physical activities that are easy (and free!) to access and can make staying active at home more fun!

Active Home by OPEN (online physical education network) — a wide variety of activities designed specifically for distance learning. (Have to make a free account)

Yoga With Adriene — Youtube channel with yoga practices organized by time length.

Yoga Foster — YouTube resource with yoga and mindfulness instructional videos to help kids energize, calm down, and prepare to sleep.

Get Kids Moving — YouTube channel of Tabata, high-intensity interval training, with popular kid-interest themes such as Star Wars and Harry Potter.

Train with MLS — Major League Soccer’s free, at-home skill training program for fans who embrace the motto: “Stay home. Lace-up. Let’s go.”

Just Dance — YouTube channel of dance instruction videos.

Nike Training Club — has a fitness app with free home workouts, nutrition tips, and wellness guidance.

Cosmic Kids — YouTube channel that has more than a million children following instructions on yoga, mindfulness, and relaxation.

RSD Online — YouTube channel with fun, virtual games for parents and students to use to encourage physical activity, fitness, and exercise. Great for socially distanced or virtual P.E., martial arts, or fitness classes.

BAWSI Playground Games — Link for activities from the Bay Area Women’s Sports Initiative.

family working out together indoors with weights and jump rope

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